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Edmund And George Biggs Park

Edmund and George Biggs Park

The Edmund and George Biggs Park in Nambour is a small recreational park with a playground for children, along with picnic seating & a shelter.

It’s named after two brothers, who were among the first people to plant oranges and strawberries back in 1892.

Edmund and George Biggs Park, Playground, Tables, Seats, Nambour QLD

Today, the park is frequented by locals with young children. The shady areas provide shelter from the sun so that both kids and adults can enjoy and take in the breeze. Before or after visiting the park, there are lots of other family-friendly places to explore in Nambour. The best way to take in all the sights is to plan a day trip out.

Edmund and George Biggs Park are near a stunning tourist attraction known as the Butterfly Hill. This unique destination is an eco-nursery and butterfly house that is sure to delight you, no matter what age. It was founded in 1967 and is a terrific way to learn about Australian butterflies through informative displays as well as demonstrations. Butterfly Hill has been significant in helping increase the public’s awareness of butterflies while sharing important information on how to conserve them.

While in Nambour, it’s worth checking out Dulong Lookout too. It’s one of the best viewpoints in the area, where visitors are treated to panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast. When driving from Nambour to Mapleton, many tourists often overlook this destination but once you visit, you’ll know why it’s such an underrated gem in this area. For the best views, make sure you get on the platform for unobstructed vistas. The facilities at Dulong Lookout include a shelter, picnic tables, and a bench seat.

The Edmund and George Biggs Park and nearby attractions have much to offer outdoor-loving families with kids.

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