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Dulong Lookout

Dulong Lookout

Dulong Lookout is a viewing platform that invites visitors to take in breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean and the Sunshine Coast.

The lookout features a covered picnic area equipped with benches and tables, where you can unwind with a drink, coffee, and a snack.

Dulong Lookout, Viewpoint & Picnic Tables, History, Burnside QLD

Whether you want to stay for a few hours or just a few minutes, it has the amenities you need for a comfortable visit. Be sure to check the weather forecast because it’s best to explore on a sunny day to see more of the attractions in and around the lookout. There are several paved areas, and the viewing platform is easily accessible, even for visitors in wheelchairs. No matter how old you are, you’ll surely enjoy a visit here.

Dulong Lookout is located in Burnside, a quiet suburb near Nambour. While here, there are many things to enjoy for visitors of all interests since it’s a central location to many of the famous sights of the Sunshine Coast. Nambour is renowned for its natural beauty and rich history, which is why it’s always been considered a top destination on the Sunshine Coast. Robinsons Falls is one of the famous sights here, a hidden gem named to honour Edmund Alfred and Arthur Campbell Robinson, early settlers of the area.

While in Nambour, don’t miss out on visiting the Big Pineapple, an iconic landmark of the Sunshine Coast. It’s also where you will find the TreeTop Challenge, an exciting adventure destination where visitors can soar 25 metres above ground through 100 various challenges and zip lines. Within the precinct is Wildlife HQ, home to diverse wildlife such as native kangaroos, koalas, meerkats, red pandas, and much more.

The Dulong Lookout and the many attractions in the area make this the perfect destination on the Sunshine Coast for visitors looking for outdoor and nature fun.

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