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Sunshine Beach Dog Beach

The Sunshine Beach Dog Beach is one of the most popular off-leash dog beaches in the region.

Located by the southern area of the Noosa National Park, the protected surf beach views many elegant beachfront homes built on the hill above.

Sunshine Beach Dog Beach, Off-Leash & Dog-Friendly Exercise Area, Qld

A small car park is located by the beach entrance, where you will also find toilet and shower facilities. A path leads you to the beach by a small creek, dividing the off-leash area from the rest of the beach. It tends to get busiest on the weekends as families love visiting with their dogs in tow, though during the weekdays, there are often more people than pets who come to enjoy the beach, surf, and views all day long.

Sunshine Beach Dog Beach is also a terrific spot to watch the sunset. Several lovely cafes and restaurants are nearby, including some shops, where it’s easy to grab snacks and drinks. Many of them are also dog-friendly, allowing you to take your four-legged friends along to have a bowl of water.

To keep the beach clean for everyone, it’s always best to bring your own dog bags to pick up after them; though there are dispensers for it on the beach, they are often empty.

Even if you don’t have a dog, this is a beautiful beach to visit for enjoying the water and the sand. The dogs that often come here are of the friendly type, so you don’t have to worry about safety. Many owners will be more than happy to allow you to pet their dogs too, so it’s just as ideal for dog lovers!

Sunshine Beach Dog Beach is a top destination for visitors with furry friends.