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Dicky Beach Skate Park

Dicky Beach Skate Park

Dicky Beach Skate Park is one of the Sunshine Coast’s excellent skate parks.

Located just 2km away from Caloundra, the park is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys skating.

Dicky Beach Skate Park, Skateboard Facilities, Streetscape & Boxes, QLD

The park offers plenty of spaces to ride, though it’s known to be rougher than others. Its concrete half-pipe is around 4 feet in height and is equipped with coping. The half-pipe is connected to a shallow horseshoe-shaped bowl that is 2-3 feet and is also equipped with coping.

Meanwhile, there are two ledges with metal caps in various heights and stairs over one step. On the left side of the park is a smaller half pipe with a quarter behind it, while a volcano-shaped launcher can be found on the back edge.

Dicky Beach is itself a gorgeous pristine beach with white sand and stunning waters. It’s named after the Steamship SS Dicky, an iron screw ship that washed up on shore back in 1893 when a cyclone hit. Though there were efforts to relaunch it, this was unsuccessful, so it ended up being used as a prop for local dances until a fire. Today, the beach is a well-loved destination in Caloundra, particularly for swimming and surfing.

The area is located north of Moffatt Beach, which is another destination worth exploring after the park. This vibrant coastal strip has numerous alfresco restaurants and cafes where locals can usually be found sipping coffee, having brunch, and enjoying the seaside breeze with a meal. It’s also home to a popular surf break, but its unique character is charming and easy to fall in love with.

Dicky Beach Skate Park and the nearby beaches make for an unforgettable family-friendly holiday on the Sunshine Coast.

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