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Cooloolabin Dam

Cooloolabin Dam

The Cooloolabin Dam is a picturesque destination suitable for many relaxing outdoor activities.

Located 5 kilometres away from Yandina in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, a visit to the dam is highly recommended for a visit.

Cooloolabin Dam, Day Use Area, Trails, Playground & Toilets, QLD

The dam was built in 1979 and today is an important attraction in the area. The catchments are home to several varieties of thriving wildlife. However, do take note that during the warmer months, snakes are a common sight. If you see a snake, give it some berth and don’t try to move or handle it.

The best way to make the most out of your day trip to the Cooloolabin Dam is by going on a short walk. As it’s just 2.8 kilometres around the dam, the trails are relatively easy. A flat trail takes you around the bushland; this trail is ideal if you are travelling with small children or are looking for a laid-back lakeside stroll. You might even get to see some beautiful birds around the dam and on the bush.

The path is shared with recreational cyclists, horse riders, and mountain bikers too. Shoreline fishing is popular here, too, due to the many fish that live in its waters. For mountain bikers, it’s always recommended to follow the trail signage and give way to others. Before you head out, make sure that your bike is in good working condition, and bring drinking water with you.

The Cooloolabin Dam is ungated, so when it’s reached 100% capacity, water will begin flowing over the designated spillway. Check with management when the dam is expected to spill so that you can be guaranteed a fun and safe time during your visit.

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