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Buhk Park

Buhk Park

Buhk Park is a scenic family park located on Alexandra Parade. It was named after the Buhk Family, particularly William Frederik Karl Buhk, fondly called Old Bill.

He was a founding member of the Alexandra Headland Surf Lifesaving Club.

Buhk Park, BBQ Facilities, Skate Park & Tables, Alexandra Headland QLD

The park is clean, well-maintained, and near many local attractions, making it an excellent destination for the family to enjoy. One of the focal points is a skate park, where talented kids and riders can spend hours practising their tricks. They are a delight to watch, so bring a coffee and relax under the shaded area.

Buhk Park has a section with seating and tables, where you can take in views of the sea and the rolling surf. After stopping by the park, you can easily walk down to the Alexandra Headland beach to swim, surf, BBQ, picnic, or sunbaking. Small shops by the beach offer surfboard rentals and surfing lessons too. The area is just a few minutes away from downtown, near shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Near the park and beach is a popular fishing area as well. Pack your fishing rod and head out to sea; you’ll be able to catch a wide variety of fish that you can then BBQ for dinner. Everything you need for a fun, memorable day out with friends you’ll find at Buhk Park and its surroundings.

For some quiet time in nature, why not check out Alex Forest Conservation Area? It’s a calm place where one can spend some time in the bushland reserve, only a few metres away from the beach. A walking trail is provided, and dogs are allowed on a leash. The conservation area is home to diverse habitats, including open forest, lowland rainforest, wet eucalypt, and much more.

Buhk Park and the surrounding areas in Alexandra Headland are the perfect destinations for a fun day out in nature.

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