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Alex Skate Park

Alex Skate Park

The Alex Skate Park is popular in a stunning beachfront location on the Sunshine Coast.

Backed by majestic Norfolk Pines and fronting the sea, skaters, as well as spectators, are treated to a visual medley in this iconic street course.

Alex Skate Park, Street Course & Bowls, Alexandra Headland QLD

The 1,100 square-metre large park features both transition style and street park. All kinds of skaters are invited to spend some time skating here. It was also designed to host community events, which is why a tiered stage has been incorporated into the park’s design.

Alex Skate Park features a mini bowl equipped with a kerb lip, a large bowl with a 9-foot deep end, and granite coping. Meanwhile, the street section is equipped with a kicker to kicker and a rail, wall-mounted handrail, pole jam, stair set, and hubbas.

When you put all these features together, you can see why Alex Skate Park attracts such a wide range of skaters. It is truly the one skate park open to skaters of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Over time, it has also become an essential part of the Sunshine Coast community.

In 2017, the park completed $1.2 million in upgrades. Its new design incorporated even more elements to cater to BMX riders, scooter riders, and skaters alike. This multi-purpose skate park offers numerous innovative and modern features that thrill-seekers love. The improvements also included seats, lighting, pathways, and USB phone chargers. Free Wi-Fi is available at the park as well.

Whether you’re a rider, skater, or visitor, don’t miss out on Alex Skate Park. A visit will give you an exciting peek into the thriving skate culture of Queensland.

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