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Surfing Lessons
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Surfing Lessons

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Blessed with extensive sun-kissed beaches and a sunny climate throughout the year, the Sunshine Coast offers many activity options. The Sunshine Coast offers a multitude of activity options, at it has many gorgeous beaches across the city.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of scuba diving, jet-skiing, water skiing or surfing, the Sunshine Coast has it all to make your holiday filled with fun.

Surfing Lessons Sunshine Coast, Surf School, Queensland

Occasionally, the Sunshine Coast sees giant swells, but there are many points with breaks that offer more extensive and well-shaped waves suitable for adventurous surfing. The Sunshine Coast has various surfing spots, such as the renowned Noosa National park area and the Alexandra Headland, offering clean waves with south-east winds and nice point breaks for an excellent surfing experience.

The Sunshine Coast also offers several surf schools for those looking for some of Australia’s best surfing lessons. With several coaching academies and surf schools, the Sunshine Coast provides comprehensive surfing lessons for beginners.

Usually, these surf lessons teach the basics, tricks, riding techniques and surf awareness, along with the risks and surf survival techniques for learners. These surf schools cater to small and larger tourist groups based on their preference, and with friendly and experienced coaches, these lessons are well worth your money.

So whether you want a private coaching lesson or group class, you will find a surf training program to cater to your needs right here on the Sunshine Coast. Book your surfing lessons today

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