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Buderim Sports Complex

Buderim Sports Complex

The Buderim Sports Complex is a spacious sports facility encompassing 60 hectares of land with state-of-the-art amenities and equipment.

Also known as the Ballinger Park Sports Complex serves as the home to many sports clubs, including Buderim Tennis, Buderim Horse and Pony Club, Buderim Wanderers Football Club, Sunshine Coast Hockey Association, Sunshine Coast Archery Club, and many more.

Buderim Sports Complex, Ballinger Park, Tennis, Football & Hockey, QLD

Though the club members are the primary users of the complex, it is also open for members of the public to use.

The Buderim Sports Complex facilities include a multi-purpose field, which can be used for tennis and hockey, playfields, change rooms, canteen, toilets, spectator viewing area, and a parking area, among others. It has also become a popular destination for pet owners to take their dogs and do training or obedience classes, as the fields are perfect.

There are several others around town for visitors who want to explore more outdoor spaces that can be used for sports and recreation. The Buderim Village Park is one of the most popular; it’s located at King Street and Gloucester Road. This massive yet beautiful green space is ideal for picnics, as well as anyone who wants to go for a jog or cycle.

Lions Park is another favourite in Buderim. Though it’s a well-loved place for taking a scenic lunch and picnic, it was redesigned back in 2008 to provide the community with additional amenities. It now has a BBQ area, playground, and toilet block. It’s home to the Buderim Lions’ Club, and visitors can feel free to jog and exercise around the park too.

Buderim Sports Complex and the many lovely parks in town are ideal for individuals who love the outdoors.

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