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Buderim-palmwoods Heritage Tramway Walk

Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Walk

The Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Walk is an incredibly scenic 3.7km long trail near Kiels Mountain in Mons, Queensland.

It’s ideal for all ages and fitness levels, and dogs are welcome too.

Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Walk, Track & Map, Mons QLD

You’ll find tranquil, verdant surroundings and beautiful forests during the easy walk. It’s essential to wear comfortable shoes to make the most out of your journey and be prepared for some rain. In certain parts of the track, you may even hear birds as they call one another; if you’re lucky, you may even get to spot a black cockatoo or whip bird. If you need to take a break, there are seats in intervals that were made for resting.

The walk is particularly significant because it’s a great way to learn about the tramway, which once ran to cater to the residents and farmers of Buderim and District. The tramway enabled timber, fruit, produce and more to reach Brisbane through the Palmwoods mainline.

The tram was first operated in 1914, though it ceased in 1935. During this time, Buderim was a thriving farm community best known for high-quality timber and fruit. However, the transportation system to Woombye, and the roads heading there, were very poor. People had to rely on bullocks, wagons, and horses; shipping wasn’t an option because of perishable produce. This is why the tram to Brisbane was so important.

In 2003, the Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Walk was established alongside other conservation works thanks to the efforts of the Buderim Historical Society. There are several points of interest along the walking track, and it’s best to check the brochure found at the Information Centre.

The Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Walk is a must-experience while you’re in town. Scenery and history go hand in hand here.

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