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Buderim Forest Park

Buderim Forest Park

The Buderim Forest Park is a stunning subtropical rainforest located on Buderim Mountain’s northern side.

Home to a sprawling, breathtaking area of figs, ferns, majestic trees, and various types of birdlife, this park is a haven for nature lovers.

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A major highlight of the park is the waterfalls, which are also referred to as Serenity Falls. They’re set in a 45-hectare area within the park, and getting here requires a pleasant walk along bush paths that take you through tranquil creeks where you can hear birds and other wildlife singing. It doesn’t take much to get here; the park and the cascades are only around 20 minutes away from the Buderim town centre and the beach, yet it feels like you’re far away from the concrete jungle once you get here.

Historically, the land where the Buderim Forest Park is located was bought several years ago by the Council. It was meant to serve as a nature reserve that the local community could enjoy, and most of the creek, including the waterfall, were privately owned. Today, it’s an iconic tourist attraction that both the locals and visitors from near and far enjoy spending time.

There is a legend that is linked to the falls; aboriginal lore has it that there were once three beautiful sisters and their warrior lovers who died while they were out hunting. When the maidens went out to look for their bodies and found them dead, they cried endlessly until the gods heard them. Their tears were transformed into the three waterfalls in the valley, and the three dead warriors were transformed into rainbows. It is said that the rainbows can still be seen today if you look closely at the waters of the waterfalls. Aside from Buderim Falls, there are also the School Falls and another located by Price Lane.

Buderim Forest Park holds many magical gems of nature that are worthy of exploring.

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