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Apex Park

Apex Park

Apex Park in Golden Beach is a beautiful beachfront area.

Located along Lamerough Parade in Golden Beach, the park is an excellent choice for outdoor events and picnics.

Apex Park, Boat Ramp, BBQs, Walk Paths, Gazebos, Golden Beach, QLD

It has become a favourite destination for weddings over the last few years. If you are interested in celebrating your big day here, get in touch with the local council to make arrangements. There are lots of beautiful trees around the park too, so even if you want to spend an afternoon picnicking when no ceremonies are going on, you’ll love it here.

Apex Park is equipped with seats under the shade, where people love to come and watch the boats or even launch their own at the public boat ramp. It’s quiet, so you can also bring a chair or picnic blanket to come and read, have a BBQ, relax and eat your lunch or drink a coffee under the gazebo, and take in the breeze. It’s dog friendly, but be sure to have your puppy leashed for the safety of others as you walk along the paths. The open, grassy area is safe enough to let the kids run around too.

There are many other great places to visit with your family in Caloundra. Moffat Beach, for one, is a terrific place to spend the day, either surfing or watching surfers. It’s home to a charming strip where you can find specialty coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants. Moffat Beach is also home to the Pa & Ma Bendall, the longest-running surf competition in Australia.

The nearby Kings Beach is another popular destination, guaranteeing sunshine throughout the year. Check out its famous beachfront saltwater pool, though it also has a gentle surf break for novice surfers.

No matter what you’re looking to get out of your family holiday in the Sunshine Coast, you’ll find it and so much more with Apex Park and its nearby attractions.

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