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Golden Beach

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is one of the most stunning coastal areas on the Sunshine Coast.

Located in Caloundra, the seaside suburbs hug the Pumicestone Passage, offering visitors the best sea and city in a gorgeous location.

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The beach is popular for outdoor and water sports, including fishing, swimming, paddle boarding, and boating. A major reason why people love this beach compared to others in Caloundra is that it boasts much calmer waters, making it safer and more ideal for a refreshing dip. Additionally, the beach has a wide sandy area and a surf break, but with the absence of large crowds, it tends to attract those seeking a tranquil beach holiday.

Golden Beach may not have waves for surfing, but it still reflects much of the surfing culture that the rest of Caloundra is known for. Many windsurfers, kite surfers, and boaties enjoy spending time here too.

It’s laid back, with cosy cafes to grab a drink or coffee from as you take in the views. The row of shops and restaurants just behind the beach offers an intimate vibe, and it’s easy enough for everyone to know your name if you stay a while.

On the waterfront, there are some cafes, but hotels and resorts dominate hotels and resorts. These accommodations are perfect for travellers, honeymooners, and just about anyone seeking a relaxing time by the sea.

You’ll find Kings Beach, which is another top destination for family holidays, just up the road, especially if you have kids. The local water playground is famous among the young ones, and you can be sure they’ll spend hours playing here. The sandy beaches invite you for a dip and the rock pools and protected swimming areas. Meanwhile, Kings Beach also has a grassy park where the entire family can play frisbee and ball games.

For all your sun-drenched holiday needs, you can’t go wrong with Golden Beach and its surroundings.

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