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Kings Beach

Kings Beach is a lovely seaside suburb in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. The town is primarily made up of medium density houses built for both residential use and holiday accommodation.

The beachfront houses several commercial developments, especially amenities for tourists.

Kings Beach Accommodation, Hotels & Apartments, Map, Caloundra, QLD

The suburb was named after the area’s first residents; the King family. They emigrated to Kings Beach in 1893, and today, it’s one of the most famous beach destinations on the Sunshine Coast – especially for those seeking sun-drenched holidays in a laid-back surf town. Though there aren’t any schools in the area, the nearest primary and secondary schools are found in its neighbour Caloundra.

Kings Beach is home to several heritage-listed sites, including the Caloundra Lighthouses and the Kings Beach Bathing Pavilion. The Caloundra Lighthouses are a pair of historic lighthouses known as the Old Caloundra Light and the New Caloundra Light. The older lighthouse was built in 1896, with the second following in 1968. They are significant culturally and historically because they played a pivotal role in helping ships navigate to Queensland while assisting ships by serving as landmarks from Moreton Bay and Caloundra.

Meanwhile, the Kings Beach Bathing Pavilion is a charming heritage-listed structure that functions as changing rooms. Located at the Ormonde Terrace, the pavilion was built in 1937 and today is still around, providing visitors with a peek into the design of 1930’s change rooms, as well as an open-air toilet. It’s significant because it demonstrates the history of Queensland, especially Caloundra, as a holiday destination, and it also happens to be one of the first public facilities provided by the local council to cater to the growing tourists of the region.

Kings Beach is home not just to a stunning beach but numerous cultural and historical attractions worth visiting. Explore the range of accommodation choices within the town, with a wide range of holiday houses, resorts, hotels, motels, resorts and apartments.

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