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Wurtulla is a coastal town in Kawana Waters on the Sunshine Coast. Its name translated to ‘southward’ in Aboriginal dialect.

Throughout the years, the town has become in high demand among migrants, particularly by Lake Kawana.

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The property market is quite lucrative as more people are discovering what a beautiful place it is to live. There are some hotels in and around town, and for your needs, there is the Wurtulla Shopping Village. The shops available here include an IGA, Liquorland, butcher, coffee shop, and a few others, which can cover the necessities. A hospital district is also nearby.

When it comes to tourist attractions, Wurtulla offers lots of things to do. Currimundi Lake is the biggest tourist draw here, famed for being an aquatic playground for kids and adults. It’s suitable for day outings since it’s just an hour away from Brisbane. Its calm waters and soft golden sands make it ideal for those seeking a safe haven for kids to swim in. Water sports, such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding, are popular here too.

In addition, the lake is a top fishing spot too. Bream and whiting are the common catches here – bring a yabby pump. Meanwhile, kids can spend the afternoon catching hermit crabs, mud crabs, and other small fish. If you visit during the low tide, you’ll see a small sandy island surface in the centre of the lake. This spot is perfect for some frisbee or other beach games.

For families and visitors looking for more active spaces, don’t miss out on Crummunda Park. It has a wonderful playground for kids, a half-court for basketball, small beaches where you can swim, and outdoor exercise equipment for adults. Crummunda Park is also popular for picnics and BBQs.

With all these terrific spots within arm’s reach, Wurtulla and its surroundings should be on your list. Make sure you check out the range of accommodation choices nearby, including some holiday houses, hotels, resorts, villas and retreats.

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