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Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs is a beautiful residential suburb within the Sunshine Coast.

It’s located west of Peregian Beach, as well as Coolum Beach.

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Development didn’t happen until the 1990s, and before that, most of the area looked like Lake Weyba and Emu Swamp. However, some of the undeveloped sections were maintained, and developments were built around it, which is why it has retained much of its natural beauty. The word Peregian actually means emu in the Kabi Kabi dialect.

Peregian Springs is home to 50 hectares of valuable conservation areas to protect native flora and fauna and have a safe habitat. They also utilise a water conservation system to further help the environment. In the township itself, there are modern amenities, and when combined with its natural beauty, it becomes easy to see why there is such a high demand to live here. These include the Peregian Springs Golf Course, Peregian Springs Shopping Centre, and a residential estate.

Several beautiful parks and playgrounds within the town are perfect for those who want to bring their kids along. These include Peachtree Park, MSC Park, and much more. If you’re looking to spend time by the coast, Peregian Beach is nearby. This stunning dog-friendly seaside village is surrounded by beautiful nature. It’s a favourite holiday destination for locals and travellers alike, who return time and again to immerse in the laid-back ambience. The accommodation options you can choose from including a range of holiday homes, resorts, and hotels.

Nature-lovers shouldn’t miss out on Lake Weyba, either. Located just behind Peregian, this tranquil space is perfect for catching the sunrise or getting active while taking in the scenery. Popular activities at Lake Weyba include fishing, birdwatching, canoeing, kiteboarding, and horse riding.

Peregian Springs and its surroundings are an excellent choice for a fun holiday.

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