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Curramore is a township within the Sunshine Coast; popular for the fact that it’s home to impressively diverse wildlife – despite its small size.

The town is home to many types of vegetation and is also strategically located within the biodiversity hotspot of southeast Queensland. Because of that, many flora and fauna species here should be protected, especially from the invasive Lantana species.

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There are many reasons contributing to the high levels of biodiversity here, especially its diverse geology, sharp topographical changes, and high rainfall.

The landscape of Curramore is dominated by Brush Box or tall Eucalypt forests, with vine forest understories, while on the eastern areas are grassy open forests. The sanctuary protects 279 vertebrates and hundreds of reptiles and bird species. These include the Noisy Pitta, Grey Goshawk, Regent Bowerbird, Paradise Riflebird, Rose’s Skink, and Elf Skink. The larger species include, but are not limited to, the Lace Monitor, Eastern Water Dragon, Bandy Bandy, and Three-Toed Worm Skink.

At night, more wildlife species make themselves known. These include gliders, possums, koalas, Grey-headed Flying Fox, Marbled Frogmouth, and the elusive, rare Golden Tipped Bat who spends its time hunting for spiders. On the forest floor, Antechinus, pademelon, bandicoot, and rodents spend the evenings hunting as well. There are also 24 known frog species that live here.

The town is also where you will find the Maleny National Park, home to 16 regional ecosystems of conservational significance. With over 500 plant and animal species that thrive here, it’s a nature-lovers paradise and a terrific place to visit, especially for those who want to disconnect from the digital world and truly immerse in nature.

Curramore’s lush vegetation, forests, wildlife and proximity to numerous tourist attractions make it a fantastic base for exploring the stunning sights this region has to offer.

Make sure you check out the range of accommodation choices nearby, including some holiday houses, bed and breakfasts, cottages and retreats.

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