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Maleny National Park

Maleny National Park

Maleny National Park in Curramore is a 1,880-hectare conservation site that plays a vital role in preserving the local landscape, flora, and fauna.

The park was gazette back in 2006, and before that was known as the Maleny Forest Reserve and the Walli Forest Reserve.

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Because they were state forests, the parks were pristine and untouched. However, it’s to the park’s benefits that visitor numbers continue to remain low. The lack of disturbance has allowed the ecological systems to thrive.

According to surveys, the Maleny National Park is home to around 500 species of plants and animals, while seven native animal species with important conservation significance have also been found. Additionally, they have discovered six bird species that are protected based on the international migratory agreements. The park’s western area is also protected by a native title claim for the Kabi Kabi First Nation. However, the Jinibara people own the titles to Kidaman Creek’s eastern area.

For visitors who want to experience nature, the park is an excellent place for observation and bushwalking. It is one of the few places in this part of the Sunshine Coast where you can truly appreciate undisturbed nature, though keep in mind that there are no recreational facilities or interpretive signs within the park. Many in the field of science often visit the park for ecological study purposes.

The park can easily be visited for the day from 2 popular destinations on the Sunshine Coast. The Maleny National Park is a unique attraction for families and nature lovers.

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