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Bellthorpe is a lush green township in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Famed for its rolling verdant hills, rich rainforests, red volcanic soil, and natural attractions, this residential community has started to attract many tourists over the years.

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A highlight of the town is the Bellthorpe National Park, located by the end of the Conondale Range. Boasting rugged terrain, majestic waterfalls, soothing rock pools, and open eucalyptus forests, the park is an important habitat that protects significant wildlife and plant species. It’s not uncommon to spot lizards and other reptiles, birds, frogs, and other threatened species while here. There aren’t any formal walking paths, so be sure to use the SEQ horse-riding trail or explore through the creek crossings found on the forest roads. The park is equipped with a picnic area, BBQs, and public toilets.

For one-of-a-kind accommodation in this beautiful area, book a night or two at Bellthorpe Stays. This stunning property is located amid 400 acres of private land, right by the open paddocks and forest. From here, visitors can easily access many sights, including the private waterfalls, spring creeks, and the lookout where you can delight in the majestic views of the Mary Valley. There are four cabins to choose from; each of them are thoughtfully appointed and equipped with everything you need for a cosy, fun stay.

While here, visitors can also check out Running Creek Parklands. This is a spacious campground with gorgeous surroundings, and all kinds of camping are welcome! Whether you prefer tents, campervans, trailers, swags, cars, or anything else, this is a wonderful place to park. The facilities include five portable toilets, bins, and showers. Responsible campfires are permitted as well.

Bellthorpe and its lovely surroundings are undoubtedly worth a visit while here.

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