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Wappa Park (Jack Harrison Park)

Wappa Park (Jack Harrison Park) is stunning parkland located in the Wappa Dam, west of Yandina, in the breathtaking Sunshine Coast hinterland.

The dam is an important source of drinking water, but the recreation area is certainly worth a visit.

Wappa Park (Jack Harrison Park) – Playground, Lookout, BBQ, Kiamba Qld

One of the park’s main attractions, also known as Jack Harrison Park, is the lookout – especially when the dam is overflowing after the rain. But even then, if you love natural scenery and some wildlife, you’ll love a visit here! The dam and its surroundings serve as a refuge for many animals, especially those wandering here from Mapleton National Park. Visitors also enjoy a leisurely walk, especially the trail that connects the park to Wappa Falls.

Wappa Park is equipped with many sheltered picnic spots, so do consider it if you’re looking for a new place to visit with the family. There are loads of seats too, so there’s plenty of room for large groups to come on the weekend. A genuinely relaxing spot is the seating area by the lake, where you can watch the water wildlife in a serene environment. Additionally, there’s a grassy area where you can lay out your picnic mats while the kids play in the playground right nearby.

A vibrant, colourful mural is also found in the park. Colleen Heathwood made this lovely artwork; a local artist worked with over 240 kids from the Yandina and North Arm State Primary School to create it. The mural has an important meaning as it tries to depict the importance of saving water, keeping the waterways clean, and protecting flora and fauna. The children included their handprints in the painting as a representation of the future.

Wappa Park and its lovely environment make a terrific choice for a family outing.

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