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The Big Shell

The Big Shell

The Big Shell is an iconic landmark in Tewantin. It’s one of the ‘big things’ that can be found around the Sunshine Coast.

The shell was part of a shop entrance that has since closed, with it once selling beach-themed items.

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Visitors would have to walk into the shell to reach the shop’s front door, and they used to play Hawaiian music as you passed through it. Though the shop is already closed, the shell is still outside.

The Big Shell is one of many “big” attractions to discover here. Another one is the Big Child, this time in the Oceanside Village Park in Birtinya. It’s one of the newer large sculptures added to the Sunshine Coast’s big attractions and features a 6-metre high cartwheeling child. The Big Child is meant to depict the joys of being a child and the importance of exercise. The artist Russell Anderson entitled his sculpture, “iDidIT!”. It took eight months to finish, and it weighs a total of 8 tonnes since it’s made entirely out of weathering steel.

The Big Chair is located at the Maleny Botanic Gardens & Bird World, boasting the biggest chair in Queensland. There’s also the Big Strawberry located in Rolin Farms in Palmview. Though numerous large strawberries are around the region, the Rolin Farms massive strawberry is easily the most famous. More than the strawberry, the farm is undoubtedly worth visiting, especially if you love strawberries. From June through October, you can pick your own while learning how strawberries are grown and harvested.

In Kybong, there is ‘Matilda’ – the Big Kangaroo. It’s a 13-metre high kangaroo loved for her batting eyelashes. Matilda also represented the country during the 1982 Commonwealth Games that took place in Brisbane.

Other famous big sights include Big Pineapple, Big Macadamia, Big Hand, Big Harp, Big Barrel, Big Ned Kelly, Big Pelican, Big Cow, and Big Whale.

Be sure to drop by the Big Shell when visiting all things big in the Sunshine Coast.

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