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Red Beach Off Leash Dog Beach

Red Beach Off Leash Dog Beach

The Red Beach Off-Leash Dog Beach is an 8-kilometre long dog beach located on Bribie Island.

Located between Bongaree’s tranquil waters and the surf area of Woorim Beach, this is the most popular dog beach on the island and for a good reason.

Red Beach Off-Leash Dog Beach, Dog-Friendly Swim Area, Bongaree Qld

To get here, park your car on Tully Street. Take your pup along as you walk through the scenic path that takes you to the sandy shores, and you will eventually see the vine-covered dunes. After a few kilometres, Red Beach will merge with Woody Bay around the corner. This entire region makes for a wonderfully scenic walk for you and your dog.

Red Beach Off-Leash Dog Beach has become a popular destination for dog owners because it’s one of the few places in South East Queensland where dogs are permitted to swim. It’s also ideal because, unlike Woorim’s big surf waves, this area has calm waters, so it’s safe to take your pooch in the water. However, keep in mind that Red Beach isn’t equipped with any amenities, so it’s always best to bring your trash with you.

These areas are a fantastic place to situate yourself for a few days or even a bit longer. Bribie Island is easily accessible via car, and it’s connected to Moreton Bay by a bridge. The island is famed for its relaxing, laid-back vibes and several family-friendly destinations.

One of the major highlights here is four-wheel driving on Woorim beach. Keep in mind that driving on the beach is only allowed in certain areas, and you’ll need to get a permit ahead of time. Other things to do in Bribie Island include exploring Pumicestone Passage, discovering the many picturesque beaches, and visiting the Bribie Island Seaside Museum.

For dog owners, you can’t go wrong spending time at the Red Beach Off-Leash Dog Beach.

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