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Rainbow Beach Commerce And Tourism

Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism

The Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism is a not-for-profit association that operates in a visitor centre.

This is a wonderful destination for all visitors who want to seek advice and help to book tickets and hotels for their trip in this area of the Sunshine Coast.

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The friendly, professional staff are always happy to serve visitors. Find all the information that you need about exploring the many tourist attractions around town. They do a fantastic job of not just sharing advice, but also helping you book the tickets you want and learning about the best times to visit certain places, including some of the most famous sites such as Fraser Island and the Coloured Sands.

The Rainbow Beach, Commerce and Tourism staff can also help you secure required permits for driving and camping – especially within the National Parks. Find free information on tides, sunset, and sunrises, as well as the weather, so that you can plan your trip most efficiently. The travel centre also has an in-house retail service called the 7th Wave Surf Shop, where you can buy all your holiday essentials in one place, whether you need swimsuits, surfwear, towels, hats, thongs, insect repellent, and much more.

The centre is located in one of the most scenic areas of Rainbow Beach. There are other facilities within the area that visitors can use, such as picnic tables, a BBQ, car park, toilet, telephone, and a café. Afterwards, take some time to explore this incredible coastal village between the Pacific Ocean and Tin Can Bay. This is where some of your most magical experiences in the Sunshine Coast will surely happen.

Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism should be your first stop before you book your itinerary. Ask them about swimming with the dolphins, the Carlo SandBlow, four-wheel driving on the beach, and Cooloola, to name a few.

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