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Pioneer Park Dog Park

Pioneer Park Dog Park

The Pioneer Park Dog Park is a recent addition to the excellent community-oriented amenities of Landsborough.

The park was unveiled in 2018 near the all-abilities playground and offers visitors and families even more options for recreation in this area.

Pioneer Park Dog Park, Off-Leash Fenced Area, Facilities, Landsborough

The dog park features two fenced areas that are interconnected; one of them is designed for large and medium dogs, while the other is for smaller dogs. The larger area offers big dogs plenty of space for exercise and running, and the incredible agility equipment makes it an even better training spot.

Whether you’re looking for a great place to play fetch with your pet, allow them to socialise or a dedicated area for exercise and agility training, Pioneer Park Dog Park is highly recommended. The equipment provided has been designed thoughtfully, so its elements blend seamlessly into the natural environment.

The charming country town of Landsborough has other parks you could bring your pet to as well. Another popular dog park is Skippy Park, which is spacious and designed with a playground for kids, while the field is a terrific place for dogs to run about. Just keep in mind that this park isn’t fenced, so it’s essential to keep your dogs on a leash and watch the kids if you take them along. Skippy Park also has other amenities such as BBQs, a bike track, and a footpath.

There are numerous parks in and around Landsborough and the lovely towns that are close by. These are beautiful areas to take your dog since you aren’t limited to parks; some numerous walks and hikes allow dogs provided they are leashed.

Pioneer Park Dog Park is the best dog park in town, so be sure to stop by and spend time here.

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