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Skippy Park

Skippy Park

Skippy Park is a stunning multi-purpose park and playground in Landsborough. With amenities for kids, adults, and cyclists alike, it’s a wonderful recreation area that everyone will love.

It was named after the kangaroos who used to frequent the area.

Skippy Park, Playground, Public BBQ, Picnic Tables, Landsborough Qld

The park is one of the newer open spaces developed to cater to the Glass House communities and visitors. It was designed to preserve the current natural environment while enabling both young and old to stay active and for kids to enjoy the natural play. The park features four zones based on the design: creek gully, palm gully, mountain ranges, and foothills.

One of the major attractions of Skippy Park is the unique embankment slide, which has proven to be popular for children. The Octanet is a one-of-a-kind climbing play structure too. Soft landings provide a safe area for kids even if they fall to minimise the risk of injury. With lots to keep the kids occupied for hours, this family-friendly park has become loved by all through the years.

Meanwhile, cyclists of all abilities also frequent the park for its well-maintained circuit. It’s an excellent place to learn how to ride a bike or even drive a scooter around the path that goes around the oval. The circuit was designed to help cyclists hone their riding skills in a beautiful environment with bridges, shrubs, and sandstone box.

The park is also equipped with shaded gazebos where small family gatherings and birthday parties can take place. The amenities include drinking taps, electric BBQs, and clean toilets – leashed dogs are allowed. After spending time here, check out the town of Landsborough, where there are numerous charming cafes and restaurants for grabbing refreshments.

Skippy Park is a major attraction in Landsborough that all ages will truly enjoy.

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