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Pinegrove Street Park

Pinegrove Street Park

Pinegrove Street Park is a large grassy outdoor recreation area in Morayfield.

This park is suitable for individuals and kids looking for a space to play outdoor sports or enjoy a picnic.

Pinegrove Street Park, Dog-Friendly Off-Leash Area, Seating, Morayfield

Morayfield is a relatively small town. This park is one of the areas you can take the kids to, especially if you are on a journey to visit nearby towns. There are numerous places that you can also take your kids to see, especially in Caboolture.

Caboolture is the next-door neighbour of Morayfield, so it can easily be visited after Pinegrove Street Park. It’s home to a diverse range of lifestyles, so you can be sure something is exciting and interesting for everyone. Don’t miss out on the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, where you can learn about fine art and antiques sourced from all over the world and covering 250,000 years of history.  Check out the Caboolture Historical Village, which features an incredible array of restored buildings.

Caboolture’s country life is best experienced through its Country Market. With over 500 stalls to explore, you’ll be able to savour unique local goods and taste the very best of their seasonal produce. Just some of the great food you can find here include sausages, fresh eggs, produce, fresh fruit shakes, and much more. There are also collectables, clothing, machinery, handmade goods, plants, and other one-of-a-kind finds.

There’s also Centenary Lakes, Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park, Rocksberg Park Heritage Reserve, and White Ridge Farms.

So many things to be enjoyed along the way before or after Pinegrove Street Park.

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