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Petrie Park Skate Park

Petrie Park Skate Park

The Petrie Park Skate Park is an excellent skating and outdoor recreation facility located on Elder Street in Nambour.

The park’s amenities are suitable for skateboarding as well as rollerblading and BMX biking. However, the park’s rules require that all patrons use the proper safety gear, including elbow pads, wrist pads, knee pads, and a helmet at all times – not just for your safety but for the safety of other users.

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There are concrete ramps of various sizes, allowing people of varying skating levels to enjoy the facilities.

Petrie Park Skate Park also has other amenities, including picnic tables, shaded walking paths, outdoor exercise equipment, and a grassy area for picnics. For visitors looking for a scenic destination to unwind or exercise in, this park in Nambour is highly recommended. Parents also love bringing their kids here because there are lots to do for all ages.

This park is one of many reasons why Nambour has been a popular destination for family holidays. It also places you near many of the Sunshine Coast’s famous attractions, and it’s also home to the legendary Big Pineapple. Nambour is also well-loved for food tourism, so if you are interested in sampling the finest produce and products that Queensland has to offer, it should be on your list.

Check out the Dulong Lookout, a picturesque viewing platform where you can take in the Northern Sunshine Coast and the Pacific Ocean views. Excellent place for a picnic, too! Families will love a visit to Butterfly Hill, a privately-owned facility home to thousands of butterflies.

Petrie Park Skate Park and the numerous attractions and activities within Nambour make it a lovely choice for a family getaway.

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