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Palm Grove Circuit

Palm Grove Circuit

Palm Grove Circuit offers visitors to the Noosa National Park with a rejuvenating walk within the rainforest. Classified as a grade 3 walking track, the circuit is only 1.1 km return, which can be finished in half an hour.

This is suitable for families and walking with kids in a stunning environment.

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The circuit is recommended on a hot day as you can escape the harsh heat of the sun with a leisurely trail in rainforests that are shaded densely by trees, resulting in much cooler temperatures. The beautiful piccabeen palms, strangler figs, and hoop pines make for one-of-a-kind views. The trek begins in the day-use area, from where you can access the toilets.

Keep your eyes open to some wildlife while on the Palm Grove Circuit. There are pittas commonly seen on the forest floor and lace monitor lizards that go around in the hunt for food. The terrain is primarily sandy and covered with leaves, though there are some steps involved as well over exposed tree roots.

Once you’ve completed the circuit, enjoy some snacks and refreshments at the picnic area located by the main entrance equipped with electric BBQs and potable water faucets.

While here, you may want to incorporate other trips to make the most out of Noosa National Park. This massive 2,883 hectares of land encompasses the headland and several areas surrounding Lake Weyba, Coolum, and Peregian.

Another popular trail here is the Coastal Walk, which is extremely easy to do since all you need to remember is that the ocean should be on your left. It takes around 4 hours to complete the Coastal Walk, where you get treated to spectacular views of the beach.

Palm Grove Circuit is one of several ways you can enjoy Noosa National Park.

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