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Noosa Spit

Noosa Spit

The Noosa Spit is a beautiful surf beach located on the head of the Noosa River.

It’s close to the main beach, so you enjoy the best of both worlds: you get to escape the crowds while enjoying the consistent smaller waves that are perfect for beginners.

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This destination was developed back in the ’70s to provide the community with a larger surfing beach while protecting the residences and natural surroundings. More than 20,000 trees were planted back then to maintain its beauty. Today, it’s one of the top places to go for surfing lessons or just about anyone who wants to enjoy gorgeous beach scenery.

If you’ve never hopped on a surfboard before or would like to polish your skills, Noosa Spit is the ideal place to do so. Lessons take place every day, and renting a board is easy. If surfing isn’t your cup of tea, paddleboarding is just as popular right here. Once your surfing session is over, there’s lots of space on the beach to relax and unwind with a cold drink from one of the nearby stalls.

Noosa Spit is also an excellent destination for some outdoor exercise. The terrain is mostly flat, making it suitable for leisurely biking, walking, or running. There are several tracks to explore and exercise between Hastings Street and the Spit, though there is also the option of staying on the pavement for the loop or running between the rock walls in Groyne Beach. The amenities here include shelters, large grassy areas, seats, and toilets.

No matter what season it is or the time of day, the surroundings are simply beautiful. However, sunsets are particularly lovely because the experience is accentuated by many birds, including the Mangrove Honeyeater, Mangrove Gerygone, Frog-mouth owls, and Tawny.

Noosa Spit is a popular attraction on the Sunshine Coast, and for a good reason.