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Mount Ninderry

Mount Ninderry

Mount Ninderry is a majestic mountain, popular for its iconic wave-like shape, located between Yandina and Coolum.

Considered one of the most underrated hiking destinations on the Sunshine Coast, it’s worth a visit for bushwalk and nature enthusiasts.

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The mountain is 304 metres high, and its 1.4km walking track offers a relatively easy hike, taking just 30 to 40 minutes to reach the summit. Once you get to the summit, you can relax and enjoy the views on any of the two viewing platforms. From the top, take in the coastline’s marvellous views, the Blackall Range and Yandina on the west, and Mount Coolum on the east.

The trail of Mount Ninderry isn’t as well-established as other mountains, but the good news is that it’s never populated and isn’t as steep. Begin the trail at the carpark, from where you can walk up and down through the bushland. Afterwards, you’ll reach a rocky section that’s a bit steeper, leading you to the summit. Keep in mind that some areas have loose gravel that can be slippery, so wear proper hiking shoes with excellent grip.

If it’s your first time visiting the mountain, the trails can be a little confusing the higher you get. Just be sure to stay on your left and follow it, and you’ll be circling the mountain in a clockwise manner. Upon reaching the top, you will be treated to some of the most breathtaking views.

However, the mountain itself is densely covered in forest, though viewing platforms are located on both sides of the mountain. It’s also good to note that dogs are welcome on the walking trail.

There’s no drinking water, toilets, or rubbish bins when it comes to facilities, so bring along what you need and pick up after yourself.

Mount Ninderry is a truly remarkable destination for bushwalking.

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