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Mount Coonowrin

Mount Coonowrin

Mount Coonowrin is a substantial part of the Glass House Mountains, iconic for the unique rocky structure at the summit that can be spotted from many different spots around the area.

Also known as Crookneck, the mountain is part of many Aboriginal tales, some of which dictate that it’s the son of Beerwah and Tibrogargan.

Mount Coonowrin, Walk / Hike Trail Map, Summit, Glass House Mountains

In the past, many keen hikers would climb the mountain, though it was permanently closed to the public since March 1999 because of rockfalls that caused injury or death to some climbers. Past geological surveys revealed that rocks on the east and south areas were unstable, making them unsuitable for climbing.

Mount Coonowrin is best appreciated from afar, so don’t try to climb it – it’s illegal and dangerous! If you are interested in climbing some of the Glass House Mountains, alternatives include Mount Beerwah, Mount Tibrogargan, and Mount Ngunngun, which are much safer. Additionally, visitors can also go to the viewing point location on Murphy’s Road.

For those visiting, it’s always good to get to know the history of the Glass House Mountains. They were formed around 25 million years ago when molten rock from volcanic activity solidified. After millions of years of erosion, the exteriors of the mountains were changed into the beautiful peaks we see and enjoy today. Mount Ngunngun and Mount Beerwah are prime examples of unique vertical columns that resulted from the cooling of volcanic mountains.

All mountains have significant conservation values, serving as a home to dozens of plant and wildlife species – many of which are threatened. There is an assortment of terrains on these mountains, from steep hills to rocky peaks and even swampy plains. Some wildlife species that thrive here include grey kangaroos, echidnas, goannas, and koalas.

Mount Coonowrin and the viewing point are worth visiting for the stunning views.

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