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Mt. Tibrogargan

Mount Tibrogargan

Mount Tibrogargan is one of the many peaks in the Glass House Mountains National Park.

It is a volcanic hill made from hard alkali rhyolite that once erupted out of an ancient volcano millions of years ago.

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It is one of the more easily recognisable hills in the area, as many see the resemblance of a woman that is holding a baby while looking over her shoulder. However, in 2004, some parts of the rock surface eroded, making the resemblance more challenging to see.

The hill stands 364 metres high, making it smaller than the rest of Queensland’s mountains, though it’s the third-highest among the Glass House Mountains. Mount Tibrogargan has become a popular destination for rock climbing and bushwalking and trad climbing, single and multi-pitching.

For visitors interested in visiting, keep in mind that the mountain is considered sacred to the Aboriginal people. For this reason, many modern climbers worked to establish new routes to avoid historic routes. The quickest way to reach the summit is taking the western route on the mountainside, as this area doesn’t require any technical skill and climbers of moderate fitness can easily access it. On the other hand, the best places for rock climbing are concentrated on the eastern side.

The mountain is one of many spiritually significant areas to the First Nations Peoples, who gather here for rituals and ceremonies. It’s not uncommon to find numerous cultural sites still present on these mountains. Local Dreamtime Legend states that Mount Tibrogargan represents the father of all Glass House Mountains, while Mount Beerwah is the mother.

If you are looking for a scenic yet thrilling cultural destination, check out Mount Tibrogargan.

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