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Mill Park Dog Park

Mill Park Dog Park

Mill Park Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in the Beerwah area.

The area is exceptionally spacious, conveniently located, and has the right amenities for dogs and humans.

Mill Park Dog Park, Off-Leash Area, Facilities, Tap, Course, Beerwah QLD

Unwind in the shade as you let your dogs roam around off their leash. If you’re looking to socialise with your pup and have him meet some new friends, this park is highly recommended. You’ll also get to meet a lot of friendly dog owners. Just be sure to pick up after your dog to keep the park clean for everyone else.

While in Beerwah, there are many things you can also do with your pup after Mill Park Dog Park. There are several other dog parks in the area, as well as dog-friendly coffee shops and establishments. The village is known for its down-to-earth atmosphere and has everything you need for an unforgettable experience with your pup while visiting the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Two of the biggest attractions here are Mount Beerwah in the Glass House Mountains and Australia Zoo, which was placed on the world map thanks to the iconic Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

If you want to maximise your trip, don’t miss out on visiting Mount Beerwah. It features two peaks – the tallest one being 556 metres in height. At the base of the mountain, you’ll find many small caves. However, don’t attempt to summit the mountain unless you are a fit and skilled climber with significant experience. Always be sure to bring another person along with you.

Australia Zoo should also be on the top of your list. There is no better place to experience the wildlife of Australia than this zoo. The park was established in 1970 and is home to two acres of native wild animals, including freshwater crocodiles, tiger snakes, kangaroos, lace monitors, and so much more.

With all that there is to enjoy in Beerwah, make sure you carve out lots of time for exploration after the Mill Park Dog Park.

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