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Little Cove Beach

Little Cove Beach

Little Cove Beach is a popular beach just 2 kilometres away from the Noosa Heads Main Beach.

It’s an excellent destination for a day of surfing, swimming, fishing, and family fun.

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The beach features a 50-metre high basalt headland and a 3km rocky shoreline between the head and the beach. Behind the coastline is the Noosa National Park’s steep slopes, and this is also where you will find a car park, road, and walking path that takes you to the head. The north slopes’ base is home to four small beaches where you will likely see sunbakers, walkers, and surfers – especially during the summer.

Little Cove Beach is home to some of the most popular surf breaks in Noosa. There’s a total of five breaks all in all: they start at Granite located on the eastern area of Granite Bay, Tea Tree Bay, National Park, Boiling Pot Point, and Johnsons just off Johnson Point. However, a big east to south swell is necessary to get all these points.

The cove has rocky areas that are great for safe rock fishing, a popular pastime in the region. Take extra precautions when fishing at Noosa Heads since this part is notorious for exposed, steep rocks. But even outside of these activities, this beach is excellent for all kinds of relaxation – especially if you enjoy being under the sun. There are numerous accommodation options of all styles around Noosa Heads for visitors who want to extend their stay here.

Noosa is a world-famous surf destination, so it’s a great place to take up a lesson, even if you’ve never surfed in the past. Alternatively, you can also get in the water to enjoy other watersports such as kayaking, paddling, and canoeing. Rent a boat to cruise the stunning waters with family and friends for a memorable way to take in the sights.

Little Cove Beach and the many other beaches ensure a terrific sun-drenched holiday.