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Kuluin Neighbourhood Park

Kuluin Neighbourhood Park

The Kuluin Neighborhood Park is a quiet recreational area with outdoor gym equipment.

The park is 4.94 hectares large and has numerous facilities for kids and adults who want to stay fit.

Kuluin Neighbourhood Park, Playground, Outdoor Gym & Equipment, QLD

The park features callisthenics and strength training equipment for adults, but it also has a skate facility and kids’ playground for the younger ones. The fitness area includes roman rings, hurdles, and curl plank step-ups. Meanwhile, the grassy area is always well-maintained; the round pathways are ideal for joggers, runners, and cyclists.

The Kuluin Neighborhood Park is recommended for visitors who want to look for a scenic and fun way to get fit with the whole family. It’s also next to the Kuluin Skate Park, which features a mini ramp, extension, and escalator for all the skate enthusiasts in the community. These parks are free to use and open to the public.

If you’re looking for more nearby places to spend time in the outdoors, you’re in luck as Kuluin is just a short drive away from Alexandra Headland. Locally referred to as “Alex”, this gorgeous coastal area is packed with many family-friendly activities. It’s situated between Maroochydore and Mooloolaba and is well-loved for its laid-back beach atmosphere and excellent surfing.

The beach is the primary attraction in Alexandra Headland; seasoned surfers frequent this spot to surf in the rocky headland. There are also rolling beaches that the local surf club patrols. The beach has lots of open space to relax on a picnic blanket and a book, or, better yet, why not bring along refreshments and snacks to enjoy with your loved ones.

The Kuluin Neighbourhood Park and its surrounding tourist attractions have much to offer families who are visiting.

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