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Kolora Park

Kolora Park

Kolora Park is a picturesque reserve located on the edges of Palmwoods.

Also referred to as the Palmwoods Duck Pond, this destination is highly recommended for families looking for a relaxing day out.

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The park’s main highlight is the spacious reserve where visitors can lay out a picnic blanket, as well as the freshwater lake that is home to an abundant duck population. Around the lake, there is a short walking track, so bring along comfortable walking shoes as it’s a scenic way to explore the area. The walking track is also a great way to see more than 150 different native plant species.

If you bring kids along to Kolora Park, they will love the Kolora Park Express Train; a feature built specifically for kids. The static train features shelters, picnic facilities, BBQs, parking, and public amenities. After spending a few hours at the park, check out the nearby Palmwoods Town Centre to see the Town Square, also known as the Piccabean Green. The Town Square features a community lawn, shaded areas, seats, a boardwalk, water fountains with dog bowls, and pedestrian lanes. You can easily visit the shops at Margaret, Little Main, and Main streets. There is also a bespoke art setup with historical information included.

There are lots to discover in the rest of Palmwoods too. It’s located at the centre of an artistic hub, which reflects the true culture of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Many stunning custard apples, avocado, banana, orange groves, and pawpaw orchards, giving it a truly charming bucolic ambience. Other attractions worth visiting near Palmwoods includes the Kondalilla National Park and the Kondalilla Falls.

 Kolora Park and the nearby destinations are a great way to explore this side of the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

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