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Kanyana Park

Kanyana Park

Kanyana Park is a small, lush outdoor area located on a mountainside in Kureelpa.

Once here, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Nambour and the coast, as well as the buildings of the Sunshine Coast in the far distance.

Kanyana Park, Playground, Toilets, Picnic Seating, Swings, Kureelpa QLD

Its name is derived from an Aboriginal term that means gathering places or meeting people. The park has two picnic tables, seating, a shelter, and a small playground and swings for kids. Toilets are located near the picnic table and parking area. Head up the road to find another great park called the Dulong Lookout, where you’ll see similar views although there are no facilities.

Kanyana Park is well-maintained throughout the year. Visitors can also take a dip in one of the swimming holes nearby, be cautious as it’s best to avoid them after heavy rainfall. There’s another lovely park in Kureelpa that’s worth visiting too: the Arthur Roberts Park in the hinterland is considered a hidden gem; it features sports facilities such as a cycle path, basketball court, and swings – though, the main attraction here is the flying fox.

Not too far away is the Mapleton National Park, a beautiful recreation area with lots of outdoor activities available. Its facilities include toilets, sheltered picnic tables, wood BBQ pits, easy walking tracks, viewpoints, and a walker’s camp. Horses and trail bikes are allowed in certain areas within the park too.

Kanyana Park and the nearby sights are worth including in your Sunshine Coast itinerary.

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