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Frank Mcivor Park

Frank McIvor Park

Frank McIvor Park is a spacious sporting park in the charming town of Currimundi in Queensland. The park’s perimeter and the middle area are lined with tall, majestic trees that provide shaded areas where visitors can lay out a picnic mat and relax. There are also benches to sit on.

Because the park is so spacious, it has become the ideal venue for community sports, with multiple soccer fields.

Frank McIvor Park, Soccer Fields & Football Club, Currimundi QLD

Many local soccer teams often play here, such as the Currimundi Sharks, Currimundi Barracudas, Currimundi Piranhas, and much more.

Frank McIvor park is named after a famous local soccer player who even played in international tournaments back in 1938. The park is conveniently located right by the tranquil Currimundi Lake and the boat ramp. This area is a popular family-friendly destination, loved for its golden sands and shallow waters where children can safely swim and wade. Currimundi Lake has everything you need for a fun family day: shady trees, calm waters, and vast sandy areas for playing.

Other outdoor activities that are popular in Currimundi Lake include paddling and fishing. Bream and whiting are abundant here; even if you have no previous experience fishing, it’s a great place to learn and fish for fun. Just be sure to bring along yabby pumps. Children can spend hours catching hermit and mud crabs, though smaller fish can also be caught with buckets and nets.

A little past the dunes, you will find the Currimundi Surf Beach. Keep in mind that the beach is only patrolled on school holidays and weekends. It is also a popular spot for skydiver landing, which is always a thrill to witness.

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