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Eleanor Shipley Park

Eleanor Shipley Park

Eleanor Shipley Park is a small park and memorial on Bryce Street in Moffatt Beach.

The park is named in honour of Mrs Shipley, a widow who once owned the land where the park is located and eventually donated it to the Landsborough Shire Council in Trust, which she intended for the public’s enjoyment.

Eleanor Shipley Park, Playground, BBQ, Beach Showers, Moffat Beach QLD

Today, the park has become an idyllic destination for outdoor weddings. Its romantic views make it the perfect place to exchange your vows while in a tranquil environment, overlooking the sparkling ocean. Many wedding coordinators are well-versed in organising dream weddings in this area. Aside from weddings, the park has also become an important fixture in the community as several meetups and picnics take place here too.

Eleanor Shipley Park’s wide-open green spaces invite visitors to lay back and enjoy the fresh air. A playground, public BBQ, shaded benches and areas under trees provide respite from the sun as you spend time with friends and family during a picnic. There are also beach showers to wash yourself off in case you can’t resist a walk on the sand.

After the park, why not visit the many other exciting attractions in Moffat Beach? Home to the Ma and Pa Bendall Classic, a famous surf competition, its vibrant strip is home to charming cafes and restaurants where you can dine on excellent food with a breathtaking view. Moffat Beach is a beautiful area to relax in by the sea as you soak up the sun.

If you are keen on getting exercise with a view, taking the coastal pathway from Moffat Beach to Kings Beach is highly recommended. It’s 3 kilometres long each way, and this route can be done either by cycling or walking. You’ll get to see stunning cliff tops and views of the famous Shelley Beach.

Eleanor Shipley Park and the many nearby attractions are recommended for visitors seeking outdoor fun on the Sunshine Coast.

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