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Dahmongah Lookout Park

Dahmongah Lookout Park

The Dahmongah Lookout Park is a stunning destination located on the way up to Mount Mee in the D’Aguilar Mountain Range, where visitors can revel in the charming countryside ambience.

The park was designed for visitors to rest in as they ascend Mound Mee, but well worth the trip if only for the views of the Glass House Mountains and Moreton Bay alone.

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This viewpoint is equipped with a small car park, information boards, BBQ, two rotundas, seats, a picnic table, and amenities for the disabled. It also houses a war memorial, which features a memorial dedication, the Mount Mee Roll of Honour, and a significant pine tree planted by a local war vet and resident, Sapper Len Pedwell.

Dahmongah Lookout Park is a beautiful place to have a picnic with family or friends. It can also be intimate and set up for a romantic lunch. There is lots of wide-open space to relax and spread out your picnic mat as you dig into your packed lunch and have a sip of wine. With all the fresh air, lush grass, and scenic views around you, it’s just the perfect destination for picnics.

Several attractions around the park are also worth visiting. The Ocean View Estate Winery is a must for any wine enthusiast. Take photos by the old sawmill, or have some coffee at the Pitstop Café.

The small town of Woodford, located at the base of Mount Mee, will lure you in with its charm; it’s a gorgeous little village that makes an excellent getaway, especially if you need a break from the big city.

Bushwalking tracks are abundant in this area, recommended if you are looking for some exercise.

The Dahmongah Lookout Park is more than just a viewpoint: it’s a destination in its own right, with so much to see and love.

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