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Caloundra Mural

Caloundra Mural

The Caloundra Mural and street art trail is an artistic destination trail representing everything that Caloundra means.

The graffiti art is a vibrant aspect of the sleepy, laid-back charm and coastal culture that the area is known for.

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The mural trail encompasses several streets and shouldn’t take more than an hour to explore. Start at the Dingle Avenue mural, featuring incredible images by Steven Bordonaro that speak of the history and cultural identity of Caloundra. The quirky drawings highlight several important destinations and activities such as surfing legends Pa and Ma Bendall, heritage lighthouses, Strand building, Caloundra Music Festival, mullet fishermen, and the Pumicestone Passage.

Next, make your way to a quaint and almost hidden street, Village Laneway. This is where you will find three stunning retro murals near an award-winning coffee shop known as Lamkin Lane. The coffee shop features two artworks by Adam Lewcuz, Ryan Sullivan, and David Houghton. An additional mural will surprise you here, one made by Mieke, and it isn’t often mentioned on the Caloundra mural trail but certainly should be.

Many of the murals are concentrated on Williamson Lane. Five murals created by Fuzillear, Joel Birch, Thom Stuart, David Houghton, and collaboration by Adam Lewcuz, Ryan Sullivan, and David Houghton are on display. Their incredible paintings of animals and abstract art truly make the walls and facades stand out.

More public artwork can be found at Memory Lane, a nickname given to the small alley by the locals. Residents supplied the feature images found in the patchwork mural, depicting the story of the community and its ties with the ocean and surfing culture. Your trail should culminate at the Caloundra Regional Gallery, home to an incredible collection of whimsical art!

The Caloundra Mural and public street art is a pride of the local community, and for a good reason. Bring your camera and get ready to be blown away by fantastic art.

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