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Buderim Dog Park

Buderim Dog Park

Buderim Dog Park is a scenic yet safe environment for dogs to play freely.

It’s spacious and fenced, so you can even let your pets run, play fetch with them, and sniff around off-leash.

Buderim Dog Park, Fenced, Facilities, Gazebo, Tables & Seating, QLD

The park is open during the day, and the entrance is free of charge. The facilities here include a charming gazebo, tables, and seating for visitors to rest – especially during the warmer days as you watch your pooch run and play about. Please don’t forget to clean up after your dog; bags are provided, but you can also bring your own.

There’s ample space at the Buderim Dog Park for dogs of all sizes. However, a separate fenced area for smaller dogs is available. This thoughtful feature enables smaller dogs to play without the worry of confrontations by larger dogs.

For more outdoor fun with your pet, the Foote Sanctuary in Buderim is recommended. You can take your dog, provided that they are on a leash. The sanctuary is home to lush trees and a forest right in the heart of town. Take the whole family, dog included, for a splendid picnic and BBQ at the Foot Sanctuary. Walking paths are well-established and labelled so you know if they are moderate or difficult to go on.

Buderim Dog Park and its nearby attractions are beautiful places to make memories with your pet.

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