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Anzac Park

Anzac Park

Anzac Park is a beautiful private park in Kings Beach.

It is a popular location for hosting outdoor events, particularly weddings, where the entire party can take in the sweeping ocean views.

Anzac Park, War Memorials, Seating & Ocean Views, Kings Beach QLD

The park is designed as a natural amphitheatre, adding a unique dramatic touch to your event. Guests can walk down the wide grassy steps that lead you to an open ceremony area. The surroundings are quiet, making it ideal for special occasions and intimate weddings. If you’re interested in holding an event or your wedding ceremony at Anzac Park, fill out an application form addressed to the Sunshine Coast Council.

Visitors can explore several scenic destinations around Anzac Park. The Caloundra Lighthouses are a famous attraction nearby, known for the two lighthouses that are a living tribute to the European history of the area. Guided tours are available, and for the best views, head up to the lighthouse balcony.

A truly memorable experience awaits you at Fly Waco, not too far from Anzac Park. Given the nickname “Cadillac of the Sky”, these stunning open-cockpit planes will give you the ride of your life as you don authentic aviator jackets, goggles, and helmets. Fly Waco air tours are a fantastic way to see the Sunshine Coast from a bird’s eye view and make a great gift for all special occasions.

The Caloundra Jet Boat Scenic Adventure and the Blue Water Kaya Tours provide relaxing and thrilling water activities if you prefer to enjoy the ocean. Bring your friends and family along for an unforgettable and scenic time on the water.

With all these and more, Anzac Park and its surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a celebration or milestone in your life.

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