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Alex Bluff Foreshore Park

Alex Bluff Foreshore Park

The Alex Bluff Foreshore Park is a scenic recreational reserve with numerous facilities for both kids and adults.

If you’re looking for a beautiful location to exercise, swim, play with the kids, or spend time with family and friends, this park is highly recommended.

Alex Bluff Foreshore Park, Playground, Memorials, Alexandra Headland QLD

Some of the facilities found here include a fenced children’s’ playground, picnic and barbecue areas, and a cycling and walking path. A Sisters by Choice bronze sculpture of a black swan and an egret is also found in the park; it symbolises the Xiamens and Sunshine Coast cooperative.

The northern end of the park is known as Churinga, named after the Churinga Tree Walk Committee back in 1974.

The Alex Bluff Foreshore Park is home to a great variety of friendly birdlife, whom you will likely encounter during your visit. Just be sure to appreciate them only from afar to avoid any disturbances. These species include egrets, black swans, pacific black ducks, fantails, dusky swamphens, grebes, doves, and much more.

The park was recently refurbished and now includes a popular skate park. Skaters of all levels, as well as BMX riders, can often be seen trying out their skills at the park, a truly thrilling show for all visitors.

The waters are also home to abundant marine life including barramundi, eels, frogs, and tadpoles. You may also notice some water lilies, which are vital for protecting marine life while providing dragonflies with a safe place to land.

With all the nature around you at the park, you will be hard-pressed not to feel relaxed. The beach itself has several lookout points and picnic shelters, and there’s more than enough space for everyone to enjoy privacy. The HMAS Brisbane Memorial, Australian War Dog Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial can also be found here.

The Alex Bluff Foreshore Park is located along Alexandra Parade in Alexandra Headland, Queensland.

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