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"Beach Tracks, Moreton Island" by brewbooks is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is a scenic tourist attraction that is rich in all kinds of adventure.

It’s renowned for being the third-largest sand island in the entire world, full of natural wonder and thrilling experiences that await you.

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Whether you need a relaxing beach holiday or adrenaline-pumped adventure, this island has got it for you. The ocean side is framed by spectacular white sand beaches perfect for surfing, swimming, and fishing. On the other hand, its western side is more laid-back, with clear turquoise waters sparkling and gentle waves lapping on the shore.

The biggest attraction in Moreton Island is the famous sandhills, which are a great place to watch the sunrise, especially as the colours change in a stunning celestial show. The best way to experience the sand dunes is by taking a sandboard with you and speed down the dunes while the wind embraces your face. Head further inland, and you’ll find the Blue Lagoon, made of freshwater and most inviting for a dip on a hot day. Remember that the freshwater lagoon changes colours, as sometimes it’s brown from the nearby tea trees.

The Champagne Pools up north are a truly marvellous natural attraction. It’s aptly named because this body of water looks like sparkling champagne when waves crash over the sandstone and volcanic rocks. It’s a unique experience because of the sandy bottom, though water bubbles up on top. Swimming in the Champagne Pools will undoubtedly give you bragging rights, especially after sharing your photos on social media!

On the east, you’ll find the Tangalooma Wrecks, which was made of 15 ships that were sunken on purpose. They have formed a colourful, vibrant underwater playground, home to numerous fish and corals for the delight of divers, snorkelers and kayakers.

Moreton Island is chock-full of incredible natural experiences! Be sure you look at the range of accommodation choices on the island, a wide range of beach villas, holiday houses, hotels, resorts, and retreats.