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Inskip Point

Inskip is a coastal town near Rainbow Beach, which is home to several noteworthy tourist attractions.

The town is most popular for its stunning peninsula, which separates Tin Can Bay Inlet and Wide Bay from the Coral Sea.

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The northernmost area of the peninsula has also become a popular gateway to Fraser Island, making it a well-loved destination for outdoor and travel enthusiasts. Some of the facilities in town include two boat ramps.

The recreation area of Inskip is the most popular destination here. Featuring a narrow but sandy beach, the recreation area is ideal for various activities, including fishing, camping, and horse riding. Shade is provided by beautiful trees, including beach she-oaks, pine, and other types of coastal trees. Dogs are welcome, but be sure to bring your own food and drinking water. Bring some binoculars along if you’re keen to see some birds, though the best time for bird watching is in the late afternoon or early morning.

There is a barge that departs the peninsula heading to Fraser Island. The proximity of these two destinations from one another makes it ideal for visitors who have the luxury of time because you’ll get to soak up the beauty of several places all from one getaway. Once on Fraser Island, there are many more things you can do. It’s popular for thrilling four-wheel-drive adventures – especially at 75 Mile Beach, but families and kids frequent the island for its many activities.

Eli Creek is a refreshing place to take the family for a dip on Fraser Island. If you are driving through 75 Mile Creek, you can easily stop over for a swim in its clean, crystal-clear waters. The creek is a tranquil spot where you can also go tubing.

With so many more things to enjoy around Inskip and Fraser Island, you can be sure there’s no place like it that will fill you up with fantastic memories. Make sure you check out the range of accommodation options nearby, including some holiday houses, bed and breakfasts, cottages, caravan parks, and retreats.

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