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Woondum National Park

Woondum National Park is a gorgeous destination for bushwalking, picnics, and swimming in the rock pools.

Located 16km east of Gympie, the park is lush and full of lovely flora.

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The park has picnic tables, potable water, and toilets; though there are wood-fired BBQ pits, it’s important to bring your own wood. The picnic spot, known as the Rock Pools Day Use Area, is one of the most scenic in town because you’ll be able to enjoy views of the tranquil boulder creek, where you can go for a swim too. Keep your eyes peeled for some lace monitor lizards that have been known to make an appearance.

When visiting the Woondum National Park, keep in mind that it’s best to come in a 4WD. It can be challenging and sometimes dangerous to make it here without one. From here, visitors can also access the trail that leads you to the summit of Boulder Mountain. However, the trail is only suitable for those who are extremely fit because of the steep incline, as well as the speed needed to make it to the top and back before dark. Alternatively, you can just do a leisurely scramble on the creeks.

Adventure lovers will have a great time in this region. The Mothar Mountain Rock Pools are nearby and also within the national park. This is a popular location for family picnics among nature lovers: it’s equipped with picnic tables, wood fired BBQs, and public amenities that can be used by the public. The pools are seriously reinvigorating, especially on a hot day. In addition, the rock pools are situated amongst rainforest and eucalypt trees, where it’s easy to unwind and forget about the stresses of life.

Woondum National Park and its surrounding attractions are a terrific choice for an adventurous outing.

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