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Sugar Bag Road Trails

Sugar Bag Road Trails

The Sugar Bag Road Trails is one of the most scenic and exciting mountain bike tracks in the area.

Located near the heart of Caloundra, the trails provide thrilling obstacles for beginners and advanced riders.

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The trails are incredibly well-maintained and graded, so they are easy to navigate. Most of the tracks are equipped with shade, which comes in handy during hot and warm days. Some features you can expect on the track include jumps, drops, log rides, see-saws, wall rides, ramps, and so much more.

One of the major highlights of the Sugar Bag Road Trails is its stunning timber features, which there are more than 60. Those who are already more advanced should check out the Playground area, known for the double black diamonds. The trails are 3.1 kilometres long and located in a 50-hectare parcel of land. Aside from the beautiful surroundings you’ll be riding around in; there is also a chance to encounter some incredible wildlife. This destination has also grown in popularity as a hiking and bushwalking site. It’s open throughout the year, so adventure lovers should explore this place.

After riding around here, you’ll work up an appetite, so be sure to head into town for a satisfying meal. There are many wonderful restaurants along the beach, or you can also enjoy the food as you sit in the grassy spaces. On hot days, the cool waters of Caloundra beckon for a swim, and it will be the perfect way to wind down post-bike.

The Sugar Bag Road Trails will be a ride to remember.

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