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Peregian Village Market

Peregian Village Market

The Peregian Village Market is an excellent shopping destination in the heart of Peregian Beach.

It’s locally owned and operated, so you can be assured you will find only the best, freshest produce and unique local finds.

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Some of the services available at the market include an IGA supermarket, bottle shop, Japanese restaurant, pharmacy, and bank machines. It’s also become a favourite place for locals to unwind, grab a coffee or drink, or even enjoy happy hour. The parking is convenient, and all the facilities are clean and well-maintained.

After visiting the Peregian Village Market, why not explore the rest of Peregian Beach? There’s a reason why it’s a favourite getaway for visitors who live both near and far; it promises a relaxing lifestyle where you can enjoy pristine, uncrowded beaches. The beach village itself is quaint and charming, with several cosy cafes and restaurants too. This area has everything you need for a laid-back beach getaway, including great shopping, dining, and much more.

Everything is close to the Noosa National Park, so it would be a shame to miss out on this destination while here. The park features a variety of terrain, and it’s also a wildlife sanctuary. Some of the majestic trees you can find here include eucalypt forest, melaleuca wetland, dense rainforest, and woodland. Noosa National Park is also equipped with amenities for travellers, including wood and fuel BBQs, toilets, picnic tables, an information centre, walking paths, a lookout, and wheelchair access.

The Peregian Village Market will provide you with everything needed for a fun and memorable holiday here. Whether it’s grocery essentials, souvenirs, coffee, or food, this shopping destination should be your first stop in town.

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