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Parklands Motocross Park

Parklands Motocross Park

The Parklands Motocross Park in Kenilworth is an excellent venue for dirt bike enthusiasts.

The privately-owned establishment is home to terrific tracks, where all levels of bikers are welcome – from those who want to learn to advanced drivers.

Parklands Motocross Park, MX Tracks, Opening Hours, Entry Prices, Qld

The park’s facilities include two motocross tracks for children, one track for intermediate riders, and two full-on tracks fully equipped with exciting challenges such as bumps, jumps, twists, turns, tabletops, and much more. With something available for all ages here, this is one thrilling activity that all are welcome to enjoy. However, remember that quad bikes and trikes are not allowed here, as they only cater to dirt bikes.

Parklands Motocross Park is a haven for adrenaline-rush seekers. You’ll have a ball railing berms, carving ruts, slamming whoops, and all the other types of fun you get with dirt bikes. They offer great value for money, and the friendly yet professional staff are sure to provide you with the guidance you need to become a skilled, safe dirt bike driver. The venue rarely gets packed with people, making it more enjoyable due to nearly empty tracks, though they tend to get busy on weekends.

The facilities are always well-maintained, so you and your friends can be assured of a memorable day out on the tracks. The atmosphere is always lively and inviting! Day rates are $30 for patrons aged 16 and up and $20 for 15 and below. They are open seven days a week from 8am to 5pm. For those who want to find accommodation nearby, camping is available at the Kenilworth Showgrounds or other hotels in the area, including the Kenilworth Homestead and the Kenilworth Hotel.

Parklands Motocross Park is a must-visit for wannabe and seasoned dirt bike enthusiasts. Be sure to visit when heading to this area.

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